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the craic team

A team of supporters who know the craic.

This'll take you 3 minutes to read and might just change my life.

what's going on?

I was so inspired by everyones kindness and willingness to support that it got me thinking: we live in an amazing world where you can support me long-term without spending a penny (or a cent, for most of you). Skip ahead to "THE HOW" if you're tight for time!

how is this possible?

Most of you will pay for a streaming service of one kind or another. Spotify is the most common (and, sadly, also the worst for artists). Whatever your streaming service is, we’re building an army of people who will stream my music, just once a day.

once a day? what difference does that make?

To you very, very little. To me though...

The why

Money generated from streaming flows to streaming services (especially in Spotify’s case), to distributors (who take the music from artist to platforms/stores) and finally, back to me and my record label, allowing us to reinvest in the next record (and the one after that). This income however, is - at least at first - tiny in comparison to the impact you have on my profile.
When streaming services see people actively listening to an artist their algorithms begin to work for that artist. Streaming my music everyday massively increases my chances of new music being added to new and bigger playlists, which in turn massively increases the number of people listening.
The whole thing becomes a positive feedback loop. And I would love you to be part of that loop. In fact: I need you to be.

The Motivation

All the motivation you’ll need has kindly been provided by Mel Gibson (in a horrendous Scottish accent) below. Simply skip to 3:12, replace “English” with “Algorithms” and “William Wallace” with “Dave McKendry” and we’re basically there.

The how

Every day, for one year, press play on my playlist. Do it at a point in the day you’re not using the service you already pay for and it’ll cost you nothing. You can even turn your speakers almost all the way down (don’t mute the player itself or it won’t be registered) and I’ll cause you no trouble. And maybe now and then do it because you actually want to hear my music ;)
A whole year?? Yes. A whole year. Think of Mel. We’ve got a few mountains to move, algorithms to train and a message to send to the streaming services. Follows, saves, adding tracks to your own playlists, likes, comments , subscribing… all of these things also make a massive difference.
It’ll take about 5 seconds everyday. That’s 1825 seconds in a year. That’s 30 minutes. That’s less than the length of HumanBeingKind. By doing this once a day you’ll support me exponentially more than actively listening to the record once.
You can find me on your service of choice below. Unfortunately the Tidal link won’t work which is frustrating as it’s the best service for artists! If you do have a Tidal account you can find me there!

But why "craic team"?

A 'crack team' is defined as “a highly functional, smooth-running team.” However, I’m Irish, so for me it’s all about the Craic. If you don’t know what Craic is… You’d better find out quickly cause you’re missing out on life! I want a Craic Team. And if you want to be a part of it there are no weird secret rituals. You just join in. That's the craic!

Thanks for sticking with me. It’s a lot to get through…

Dave x

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